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Why Visit a Local Open Mic or Small Music Venue?

" There is no Question of Where Music begins to take shape ! " Merlkatz

The Quick Music Lovers Guide :

Grass Root Musicians : start out with or in some cases without instruments, as using the spoken word through poetry or lyric, which is an (instrument of vocal sound) must be developed, the Voice needs an Audience to Truly Grow.

Open Mics are Grass Root Social Spaces where Budding Musicians usually take up the challenge of leaving the shed or other humble practice space.

" Their can be some quite surprises & revelations in watching someone taking their first plunge into being watched by others after their many hours practicing alone, like the scene in the matrix when Neo takes his first jump - will they make it happen?. "


Some of my Open Mic Tips to Observe :

Instruments : Some of the ones not usually seen on mainstream media, rare & uniquely traditional to off the wall Homemade Experimental Masterpieces.

Performance : is a instrument also & usually is an awkward concept shape comprising of Trial & (T)Error in gaining the confidence to wield such a Personality Beast into an Enjoyable Activity.

Meal Deal : Sound is Good for You because ‘Music is the food of love’ & Dining Out can be a Romance with the Souls Beat & the Minds Harmony, of course you can just sit at home & indulge yourself merrily upon a ready meal whenever you like or go on a binge at a National Fest & hog it with the masses at an Increasing cost.

But why not in between those options go & Share in a Musical Buffet at a local Hive, which can be full of Surprises & Diverse Catering where you can still Talk to the Artists & be Inspired by their Stories whilst Supporting their Efforts, you might even find Yourself Dining alongside some of the Future Stars of Tomorrow.

Our Aim : is to support Musicians at the Grass Root Level & also Support Small live music Venues, You can show your Support by one of these Quick Music Lovers ways.

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