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Why Small Music Venues Suffer

Small Venues play a vital role in the ecology of the UK Music Industry & have a clear impact on the local Community’s Social Spaces through Cultural & Economic Identity.

Small Music Venues (SMV) are under significant pressures both financial and regulatory which has seen to affect a significant loss of Grass Root Music Venues in recent years.

The current trend in popularizing only high yield music revenue in mainstream media by the large music corporations plus their hold on 'limited usage' by copyright claim of a vast number of Back Catalogue Artists has left a Huge Gap for Grass Root Artists & the Venues in which Grass Root Music has been Historically Birthed.

Unless we the Music Lovers personally address this Impact Now, there will be little to No Social Spaces left for Grass Root Musicians to Perform & Hone their Talent, which means we no longer get to watch them grow 'Live'.

Impact has been made on Traditional Music & some Unique Experimental Music duly because of the Commercially & Economic ‘mainstream revenue’ of popular music means more people are staying at home & not participating in Local music that uses Local social spaces which is Hindering Grass Root Musics Evolution.

Local & Independent Music Represents a Celebration of Community Achievement of both Dialect & Story Experience of the Regional Area it Reflects & the Cultural Diversity that should Exist within a Musical Union.

The Value of Our Small Social Spaces cannot be left barren by these larger Factions that Dominate our local Economic & Social Spaces.

keeping our Grass Root Musicians in their Sheds, lofts & whatever Isolated Space they can find will not bring forth any new music that hails from Grass Roots.

Our view of the current situation has to a Holistic One where Support for Musicians, especially the Younger Generations must be considered alongside the Growing Economic & Regulatory Pressures faced by the Small Venues Who Support them.

Small Venues Hosting live Music are Currently Dwindling in almost every Town across the whole of the United Kingdom, it is in these Venues that large numbers of Budding Amateur/ Semi-professional Musicians First Engage with an Audience & Delve into the Art of live Performance.

It is Crucially where Musicians Develop their Craft & Career before they move on to Bigger Venues & the Major Music Industry Circuits.

The Musicians who play in these Grass Root Small Venues, by their participation Support their Communities of Fans, Employees, Volunteers, Promoters and other Enthusiasts involved in & around this Music Scene, which is still Vibrant with Positive Relationships that will Overcome to Harness Creativity & Entrepreneurship.

All this is coming together to fill the Gap & Thanks goes to those like You who give it their Full Support. more..

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